‘Take your ‘VISION’ and run with it’!


Take yourVISION’ and run with it!

The kind of vision I am referring to, are not to the gifted amongst us, who are able to perceive in lucid dreams. But more to our mental pictures, that have a practical application, needing our valuable, physical input.  Every so often, our ‘thoughts ‘too habitually go awry, because we are not in a position of focused thinking. Our lists, the ones in our heads and depending on our aims, are just endless ideas, with no real direction or commitment – A recipe for apathy and stagnancy. So, in order to embark on YOUR journey of actualizing your own, consider what a vision truly is…  

 ‘A vision is a collection of plans, formed in our imagination, using wisdom for future endeavors’.

Habakkuk 2:2-3


 ‘And the Lord answered and said…. Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak; and will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because, it will surely come, it will not tarry.’


You may be thinking…” well how do I get my ideas to become reality “?  “I could use a bit of help here”…

I suggest you ponder on these pearls of wisdom. The book of Habakkuk has just the answer! This is for much needed clarity, to the muddle of intentions and aspirations in our heads.  And an absolute gem, if ever there was one!

 Imagine, how easy it could be, just by writing down a plan, which will then activate a proposed action! This maybe something you have considered, perhaps already doing, or is already seeing your ideas come to fruition – That’s great!!

However, to the ‘No Ordinary Women’, who got stuck on the fly paper, from all those ideas, buzzing around. {Lol}  Be encouraged, no one told you, what you’re about to commit to paper, is going to be easy either. Nonetheless, this is where the fun begins!

If you’re not familiar with a ‘Vision Board’ I suggest you read up on how this effective, yet simple resource can drive home, your planned goals to completion. It teaches us to Look, Focus and calls YOU to practical Action. Moreover, you can learn from others who have exceeded and propelled their desires, into action too. My interest in science and story – telling and one of our greatest assets, is to seek out, Positive Quotes and Affirmations, from people you respect and admire.  So here are two of my favourite ones;

Mae C. Jemison {First African American Woman to go into space, on September 12th 1992} ‘Never limit yourself, because of others limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination’    

{Author, Toni Morrison, Songs of Solomon, Sula, Beloved}  ‘If there’s a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it’

Take your VISION and run with it!  Written by Petula Hippolyte


‘Building Bridges – Knock down walls’…


The one thing about being a ‘No Ordinary Woman’ in the 21st Century is the consignment of roles we often find ourselves, having to try and live up to. The insurmountable amount of pressure, from other women, as well as, the influence of the world, is often dictated by comparison, popularity and social media ratings, that we languish in society’s idea – of the perfect woman, ‘who can do it all ’!

Constantly seeking, superfluous validation from our peers and chasing letters after our name, in an attempt to attain recognition from educational institutions, is a case in point! This also contributes to the wall-building, by the labelled bricks we have laid up in our hands. While we live in, gated mental secure zones, only peeping over the wall, to see if there are any threats to our empire. In the form of an unassuming sister- your {public enemy 1} who you perceive may do, look better, or have grander ambitions than you.

How Sad…

Competition ~ Comparison ~ Worldly-Ambition ~ Material Wealth ~ Lovers of Money ~ Status

These labels can keep us in a form of bondage, which is not rooted in selflessness, but more-so, in single-mindedness, benefitting our own aims and our own gains. To believers, there’s a fine line between ‘Thee Purpose’ and ‘Our Own’.  Inasmuch as building bridges, it’s a way to connect ‘No Ordinary Woman’   who can happily cross over the threshold and be embraced by a genuine group of bridge- builders, who understands their journey. Women need Women for encouragement, emotional support, prayer and friendship. Think of the deep and affectionate relationship between Ruth and Naomi! {Ruth 1:16-17}

When honest dialogue is communicated and we let down our guard, just like the walls that represents self –seeking and selfishness, those walls, will inevitably come tumbling down. So, on the other-hand, the ‘bridge ‘defines compassion, kindness and one of care and concern.  In a time when the movement of women’s rights, unequal pay and narcissism rules the media, with vengeance and women feel the need to, boastfully expose elements of themselves and their lives daily, for public consumption, ridicule or affirmation……

However, the bible encourages us to get back to basics, realigning the importance of what truly matters.

 1 Thessalonians 5:11

‘Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing’. Are we doing this?

Hebrews 10:24-25

‘ And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another – and all the more as you see the day approaching.’  We should be doing this!

So for that reason, building –bridges is an inspirational calling for ‘No Ordinary Women,’ it’s a way of thinking – a product of sincere associations and justifiably so! The building of walls simply signifies, keeping others out and protecting ‘what’s yours’. Never allowing for others to get close, or benefit from shared experiences, that can empower and encourage growth for them too.

‘No Ordinary Woman’ CAN survive in a nourishing environment, but only when she decides to ‘knock down walls’ and ‘build bridges’ instead.


Written by Petula Hippolyte©

Switching Lanes?

I just want us to take a moment to reflect on this common statement.

‘ Stay in your lane’.

I’m sure at some point in time, you’ve have either said it to someone or embraced  it, when considering your own position in life.

However, I want us to reconsider it, for a moment, so that we can fully reject its restriction.

Yep, I said it. Reject it!!

Here’s why I think we should..

By default as women, we have to wear so many hats and much like an octopus, we juggle so much at one time. This is no mean feat, yet its incredible to believe that, we take on this erroneous thinking and use it as a tool, to indirectly put ourselves and others in a box…

So with that in mind..consider the entrepreneurial wife, mother, singleton, who has amassed her own little empire.
She has developed vital skills that enables her to be as creative and inventive with her life.

A No Ordinary Woman that can jump from one job to another, bearing in mind, what she might of believed and been told in the past.
Such as…
“Your great at that”
“You should stick to that”
“That’s where you work best”
“I can’t see you doing anything else”.


Seems like there is no room for maneuver  and indirectly that box was hand picked either by them for you, or by yourself! I get it! and its easy to see, how we can let that become part of our thoughts from time to time.

But you see, as a believer I take my guide from a place of hope. Knowing that we are capable of a whole lot more and a bag of chips…

Take a look at the best template for a radical change of mind, that can totally shift your thinking for the better!

The Book of Proverbs
Proverbs 31

This is an illustration of a woman that has been ‘Switching Lanes’, with ease.

‘A Mother, Teacher, Seamstress, Designer, Gardener, Buyer & Seller….’

Wow.. Amazing right?

So many different facets of a guide for a woman, that is not confined to one thing. But created by an intelligent God, that allows her to flourish in a dynamic, thoughtful, business-like, caring and nurturing way

That’s why I believe we should say NO to ‘ stay in your lane’ and a big fat YES to ‘ Switching Lanes’.

Written by Petula Hippolyteimages52-2

Distinctly Different

There was no mistake when you breathed you’re first breath and you staked your claim in the world.  It’s amazing…the infinite facets of womankind.

You come with a patent, a list of intricate spiritual, emotional and creative tools. The assured guarantee, stamped on your heart by the creator of the universe. The bible even talks about our perfect beginnings, with no exception.

Psalm 139:14  

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well ‘

Unfortunately though, some women believe the lie, that in order to be relevant in a man’s world, you become like a man, when the opposite is true.  Oh no….!  The No ordinary Woman, houses an intelligent and abundance of solutions and life answers, for those who are struggling to find hers.  She is a naturally resourceful human being, marked by her original DNA, accepting her place in the world, with an innate reverence, all the while continuing to provoke thought on all levels.

However, women do have a tendency to mimic the habits of other ‘Personalities in Shero worship’ and while this feels very inherent, as it is often seen as a complimentary thing to the receiver, we tend to lose sight of our womanly qualities and gifts in the process.  Maybe there is a genuine element of respect, which has been fueled by a tinge of jealousy or covetousness. We habitually, look to see a hopeful reflection, as a substitute.

So instead of embracing your endless, creative individuality – She lacks confidence, which may stem from a place of insecurity and low self- esteem.  Her chitter chatter by night and day, at this point, has talked herself out of every bold decision, and every creative past time, as well as obstructing making life- changing choices for the future.  Often, a temporary glitch and a necessary way of doing an inventory of herself, in the mean time. Complacency is not one of her usual haunts; though she only goes to that place, when life gets a bit hectic and a sign she has to slow down.

However, ‘No Ordinary Women’ are distinctly different by their unfathomable resources, which they bring to the table, igniting a plethora of ideas and energy resonating from her presence.  She is like a stone, thrown into pond that makes waves and is measured by its purpose. Without her interaction or say, it would be like ‘designing a plug without a socket’.  A natural help meet, to all in sundry this is where she effortlessly flourishes.

A unique blend of wisdom and ingenuity, spreading joy and laughter, with an equally fine tuned brain, that solidifies and concludes decisions, with fairness and determination.

‘The No Ordinary women ‘grasps her uniqueness with curiosity and vigor and continues to pursue personal development, while she allows you the freedom to be who you are too. There are no comparison sites in her world and her distinctly different’ attributes are considered very distinct indeed.


Petula  Hippolyte ©2017Distincyly-Different-300x300

Hidden Figures


When the long waited, ‘Hidden Figures’ movie hit the Odeon all over London. We went in our droves to see this prominent narrative that had escaped most people and known, only to those who wanted to keep it very hidden indeed. Conversely, the magnitude of what these 3 women did is not just representation of womankind, who had punched holes in a chronicle framework, once hidden and re-written or omitted by ignorant scribes. But of women regardless, of what others thought about the hue of their skin they…‘No Ordinary Woman’ were just as capable – could NOT be hidden forever.

John 3:21 But whoever practices the truth comes into the Light, so that it may be clearly seenthat what he has done has been accomplished in God.”

Therefore understanding who we are as ‘No Ordinary Women’ and what we have achieved and continue to do so, I discovered a long time ago that God does not create something filled with his likeness and image and creativity, so it can be shunned and hidden‘ from view because of lack of knowledge.

Moreover, historically as black women in particular, we have always been overlooked in public and in private, systematically ostracised and despised – Being defined sub- human in archaic books, written by ill-informed historians, from a bygone age.  Sometimes, ignorance has a seat in fear and only illuminates the mentality of global societies that thrives on maverick statuses.

There have been so many constant reminders of our qualification, by the unseen pages of accounts, that had no business recording lies and omitting the truth, but as ‘No Ordinary Woman’.  We were to be reminded of a covert feat that, like with most revelations, made our hearts skip a beat and caused the exhilaration of it all, to be so overwhelming. ‘Hidden Figures ’attempted to tell the truth and we thanked them for it, which was shown so astonishingly in the sky – rocketing ticket sales for the movie in 2016… Wow!

So, for the next younger generation of black young girl’s, are seeing echoes of women on a platform, who look like them? Granted, we already have an overabundance of replicated chronicles, where women have pioneered, explored, and devised and created, but science was not normally associated with black women. Who we now realise, WE were the brains behind NASA’s first space mission in the 1960’s and so integral to this ‘historical feat’.  At a time when segregation and being a black woman, was definitely not to our advantage in the world. However, the exploits from women are gathering pace; we are seeing an emergence of young and mature ‘No Ordinary Women’ who are encouraged to step out of comfort zones, to express the dormant gifts inside of them and being seen for some, the very first time and long may it continue.

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. – Audre Lorde




Are you ready to UNPLUG?

Are you ready to UNPLUG?

Ever heard of a Social Construct?  If you haven’t, it’s a really interesting topic…
*Concept or perception of something based on the collective views developed and maintained within a society or social group*

I am intrigued by anything to do with social engineering and whatsoever, oppressive which is determined by others, because of an imbalance of power, concerns me.  However, in this case, I use this particular concept for the focus of ourselves. I have been noticing more and more over the last few years that there seems to be a                      ‘Social  Awakening’  a conscious reality, that was once subconscious, is being gently nudged before I our eyes…

Okay, so think about it.. I am no political animal, nor am I a conspiracy theorist or, CIA intelligence officer. I am just a normal woman, who happens to think quite deeply about all things and sometimes comes up with conclusions based on intelligent thought, reading a lot and of which, uses evidence substantiated by google………lol Trustworthy? Who knows….

Stay with me on this, for a moment though!…… I ask you to examine your daily intake of life and consider your daily routine, including what your read, hear and experience or hear about others, in the world. How does it affects the rest of society locally, nationally and even globally?

When was the last time you were able to think for yourself, without being affected by an opinion based on other people’s thinking, thoughts, comments and theories. When did you ever feel like you were FREE from influences or biases based on something else. Yeah…. I had to think hard about that too. Everything I questioned and everything you question, appears to be based on somebody else’s influential take on things. This social construct is deep!

If a collective viewpoint is developed and maintained within a society, that means that, by default it is a tool, depending on how you look at it, in effect to create stereotypes, influencing social markets consumers, points of law, going to war, committing criminal acts. Determining what you wear, ‘how to think’ where to go, even down to choices you think you make freely, is often subtly influenced by this very concept. I suggest when you are conscious of this, as you will inevitably at some point, experience that very said ‘ awakening’ I mentioned earlier. That is when you know it is time to unplug…. to me its a sign of the subconscious, finally recognising what the conscious was trying hard to keep a lid on.  That feeling you have, when you want to be sick, but you are able to use your body to control it from coming up… ( Sorry for the unappealing analogy) lol. But you get what I mean right?

Some say….‘ Something is happening’  while others, lament that that the world is going crazy. I don’t know about you, but whatever your persuasion , belief system or theory. Something is moving and shifting….. the unspoken silence is being broken down. Whatever you do believe, maybe its that time to unplug from the world and get back to yourself. What does that even feel like? Can you remember when you actually had a thought, that was all your own?

I mean the thoughts that govern your choices to do things in the world, having an opinion, to create or make changes.

Can you imagine what you will discover, how infinitely powerful you are and what you could achieve, if it wasn’t for all those social constructs that are planted to take you away from yourself.  What an adventure it would  be don’t you think?


So are your ready to unplug yet?



Comfortable in your ‘ OWN skin?

Comfortable in your ‘ OWN skin?


There are many times in a woman’s life, when her femininity is challenged to a point, that it is so easy to lose a sense of her own identity. Not necessarily of her own making, although this can also be the case, if she is not ‘comfortable in her own skin’. Furthermore, inundated by superficial standards placed upon her, in others and their influence by the media. Values learnt and conceived, by perceived perfection, where perfection does not really exist. Hence, the creation of Photoshop –AI. The ultimate weapon, of media narcissists. Comparatively, worldly thinking, thrives on this very notion – illusionary and dysfunctional, are at the core of its general make-up.

It can be quite detrimental for some, who have based their womanhood on such shallow levels. As a result of this, women suffer from insecurities, shaped by the choices she makes, in how she looks and by how she acts. Plastic surgery, one of the most extreme examples of the negative effects, it can have, has seen a sharp rise in female patients, attending private surgeries, to reconstruct and deconstruct the body or facial features, of unconfident women. Often, because of our own readiness, to be all things and look a certain way, at any given time to fit in, like chameleons, subject to this fickle world we live in.

To fit into, somebody else’s boxes? Whose ideals?

Trends, like time changes and seasons fluctuate, to make room for new fads and Women are the first to feel pressured to conform to this, in order to be fully accepted. Vanity is the root, lodged in the epicentre of it all, and perpetuates this constant battle.

‘It’s a real sad state of affairs, for instance, when a woman is easily ‘flattered’ by comparisons or equally compares herself to well known celebrities, or artists in any field –is this a sign of not been comfortable in your own skin’? Seeking justification, within this artificial construct is both damaging and foolish.

Des’ree once sang “Loving self can be so hard, honesty can be demanding. Learn to love yourself; it’s a great, great feeling”

As if being YOURSELF, is not good enough and by looking for validation, allowing other peoples images, personalities to confirm who we are not, seems absurd and should be hugely concerning to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The real beauty of time is an opportunity to examine the truth of the matter! All resolutions come from a place of self- reflection, a connection to the spirit within and a valuable’ inventory’ we should do on ourselves daily. The state of our minds is a sure way of realising where the problem lies, in order to change our thoughts about ourselves.

Remember! There is only one YOU….so go on and get comfortable with the skin you’re in!


Petula Hippolyte© December 2016